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Gipsy National Symbols

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Apr. 20th, 2007 | 11:25 pm
posted by: khamoro_chay in romany_gypsy

Gipsies have a flag, an antheme, a National Day and symbols.

The Gipsy flag contains two stripes, blue and green, and a red wheel. The blue stripe mean heavens, not only the sky, but also seeking God. The green stripe mean earth (covered with grass), because ‘the earth under Gipsy’s feet is his motherland’.
The wheel is a symbol of traditional, nomadic way of life. It is red like blood of Gipsies murdered in the past. But red is the color not only of memory, but also of joy, because Gipsies enjoy life!
The wheel lays on both stripes because Gipsies go by both a path of the Earth and a path of the Soul.

The Gipsy anthem is ‘Djelem, djelem’. Here is it’s common translation:

‘I went, I went by long roads, I met, I met happy Gipsies. Hey, Gipsies, where are you going from, with your tents, by lucky roads? many years ago I had a big family, but Black Legions murdered it… Gipsies of the world, come on, with me, Gipsy roads are open! It’s time to rise for Gipsies, and we’ll rise if we act!’

The main Gipsy symbols are a red or golden wheel and a horseshoe.

The National Gipsy Day is April, 8.

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