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Gypsy Day

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Apr. 8th, 2007 | 11:31 pm
posted by: gipsylilya in romany_gypsy

Today is Gypsy Day, the national day of all Gypsies of the world.

Not so many people knows, that such a day exists.

Gypsies also have their own antheme, flag and simbol.

The Gypsy flag contains two stripes, blue and green, and a red wheel.
The blue stripe is a symbol of heavens, of seeking for God.
The green stripe is a symbol of grass. Gypsies used to camp in places where grass were.
The red wheel is a symbol of ancient way of life (when all Gypsies were nomadic) and of Gypsy blood which was shedded by murderers. The red wheel lays on both stripes because Gypsies go by both a path of the Earth and a path of the Soul.

The Gypsy antheme is 'Djelem djelem', it has not the only melody, everybody can sing it as he/she wants.

The main Gypsy symbols are a red or golden wheel and a horseshoe.

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