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history repeats itself..

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Jan. 14th, 2008 | 08:49 pm
posted by: jeep_gir1 in romany_gypsy


Abdullah Gul
President of Turkey
     I wish to add my voice to the growing worldwide
protests  over the threatened destruction of Europe's oldest
Romani community.
     The Sulukule quarter, named after a landmark water
tower in Istanbul, has been settled by Roma for over a
thousand years. I had the priviledge to visit there in
l960 and again in l972, following the lst World Romani
Congress in London.
      I ask you to note that l453 the right of Roma to remain
 there was confirmed by Sultan Mehmed, following his conquest
of Constantinople.
      Presently, this ancient mahala is home to some
3,000 Roma and sustains a flourishing music and dance
     The Sulukule Association for the Enrichment of Roma Culture,
supported by NGOs and university academics, has draw attention
to the need to preserve this quarter as a unique living heritage
site, important to the lO million Romani people throughout
     I can vouch for the great value Sulukule has as a centre
for Romani culture and social life, and call upon you to intervene
to stop the bulldozing of this community.
    It is clear that the main motivation for this destruction is to
make a huge profit from demolishing the present houses, forcing
Roma to go to another location 40 km outside the city and
building new houses, affordable only to wealthy buyers.
    I therefore oppose the Sulukule urban reneweal project which
ignores the Vienna Convention for the Protection of World Culture
and Natural Heritage and ask to bring this project to an end
before any further damage is done.
    Your sincerely,
    Grattan Puxon
    General Secretary 1971-l981
    World Romani Congress

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